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Cell-based Graphics Cards Coming Soon
Date 15/10/2008 17:29  Author admin  Hits 1943  Language Global

Toshiba, one of the three companies that collaborated on the processing behemoth that is the Cell (the other two are Sony and IBM) has decided that they should share the Cell-love, and sell it to companies like Leadtech and Thompson to make graphics cards.

Not too long ago, the company released a shiny new Qosmio that included a "quad-core HD Processor", which was essentially a Cell-based chip called SpursEngine. The chip works very well as a video transcoder (as any quad-core math-intensive processor would), but we don't know how well it could do as a graphics processor. However, we have our hopes. The Cell architecture is capable of some serious number-crunching, which is what we really want from a good GPU.

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