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How to Lose 20 Pounds the Healthy Way
Date 23/04/2009 19:01  Author tc  Hits 2558  Language Global

Do you wish you could lose 20 pounds in time for a special occasion coming up soon- like a wedding, a vacation or a family reunion? Do you find yourself panicking whenever you look at the calendar and realize that you need to start losing weight SOON, or it will be too late? Well, stop panicking and start doing something about it now. It's NOT too late.

There are many safe methods to losing weight quickly. You can even lose a substantial amount of weight, like 20 pounds, in a remarkably short period. All it takes is a little knowledge and perseverance.

Start your weight loss program with breakfast. Oatmeal not only makes you feel full, it also lowers your cholesterol. Oatmeal also absorbs the little fat globules floating around in your bloodstream, AND it tastes good! Those 20 extra pounds don't stand a chance!

Drinking cold water burns more calories than drinking warm water. And drinking water instead of soda or other sweetened drinks is better for you in two ways - it fills you up, so you don't feel hungry AND no sugar means no calories. Diet sodas may have no calories, but the "sweet taste" causes your insulin to rise, which causes cravings. For food.

Eat LOTS of fruit - especially citrus, apples and bananas. Apples have tons of fiber, which fills you up and helps flush out the fat. Bananas also have fiber and potassium, which is good for your heart. Citrus fruits, like oranges, grapefruits and lemons, again have tons of fiber AND tons of Vitamin C, both of which help maintain a healthy body and weight.

A sluggish digestive system is the LAST thing you want when you're trying to lose weight. Fiber in your diet will fill you up AND clean you out.

Want great taste AND quick weight loss? Eat spicy foods! The spice enhances your metabolism, which makes you burn more calories, more quickly. Spicy foods also help your immune system fight off infection. Don't eat too much, though. A little goes a long way.

Milk, cheese, yogurt and fish are great for losing weight. They are protein-rich, which makes it easy to eat just the right amount, and not too much. Fish is also loaded with heart-healthy omega-3s, so it's a real win-win situation.

You CAN lose weight without exercising, but why bother? Exercise will help you lose weight AND it's good for your overall health. Try incorporating some enjoyable activity into your daily life, like roller blading, walking, bike riding or swimming. You don't have to train for the next tri-athalon, but if you can develop a positive attitude about exercise, you might find that a LOT of things in life are easier, not just losing weight.

Try to incorporate as many of these tips into your life as possible, and have faith. You will lose those 20 pounds in no time. Guaranteed!
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