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Watch The Future -Fits your Fingernail.
Date 06/09/2009 15:31  Author admin  Hits 1929  Language Global

We have seen perhaps different types of watches, right bizarre shapes, sizes and different technologies. Now host the shows of the future that looks like it dropped out of a science-fiction film. This watch is designed so that it can model that one of your nails.

Yes it is! Forget the watch on your wrist from now that this shows perfectly fits your fingernail. Do not confuse this show to be a simple nail art, because it shows not only time but also turned into darkness, which makes it easy to read occasionally at night. Press the end of your thumbnail, and the clock turns to you. Timex in collaboration with Core77 brings to this out of the box idea.

The Timex Nail seems elegant and chic, but it has a touch of style geek. The disadvantage of the watch is available and it is the era of class watches that show their exuberance, May it be a difficult time for this small to make its way into the watch market. There is no doubt that the clock May be intelligently designed, but it will not last too long on your finger as it is available. Timex has not spoken a word about its price or availability for the moment, so we wait and watch for the price of this small nail new shows.
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