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Is Laser Hair Removal Effective
Date 04/07/2010 19:44  Author coolx  Hits 6030  Language Global

Laser hair removal has been growing in popularity for over a decade now and today there are millions of people around the world who sign up for laser hair removal because they have heard it works. The question is, does it really? Well, it depends on how you look at it and what your preconceived notions about it are.

Laser hair removal does not work with only one session. You can remove some of the hair in one session but the problem is not in the lasers themselves, but in the growing cycle of hair. Hair grows in a cycle, and it falls out in a cycle. While some hairs are removed during one session, hairs that have been dormant will pop up in the same area but not in the same destroyed follicles. As a result, several sessions are done in order to ensure all the hair can be targeted. Typically, the number of sessions number about five to 12, and the total time between sessions is about three to eight weeks.

Laser hair removal does not work on certain types of skin and hair color. If you have blonde hair and white skin, it is very hard to get good results from the laser hair removal process. If you have dark skin and dark hair, or white skin and dark hair, you will find the process works much better. If you have white hair and white skin, laser hair removal will not work at all.

Laser hair removal is not a total removal of hair, but it is a permanent reduction of hair. By this we mean that you can greatly reduce the amount of hair you have but the human body is an amazing thing and it is impossible to remove all the hair in an area. This is why you need to go back for yearly appointments in order to target some new hair growth that has popped up since your last session.

So, does laser hair removal work? Yes it does. It has been tried, tested and certified by the FDA and millions have seen the amazing results. It saves you money and time in the long run when compared with shaving and it saves you the pain of waxing. Laser hair removal works and it works well, but it does not always work as people think it will, which does not mean it doesn’t work. It just works differently.

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