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Fruits and Vegetables - How Important are they?
Date 12/11/2010 05:37  Author rasika  Hits 3686  Language Global

You can get abundant of reasons for the importance of fruits and vegetables. The research has proven these vegetables as well as fruits can easily promote a very good health. You must practice to have more number of fruits and vegetables in your diet rather than any other food items. The first and foremost significant ability of fruits and vegetables is its capacity to fight against the germs of your body and enhance the important vitamins and minerals of body. These make your body more healthy and rich of proteins which in turn keeps your body away from all type of infection by increasing the anti body particles.
The major advantages gained by excessive use of fruits and vegetables are you can stay away from various heart diseases. You can also stay away from increased blood pleasure. Increased use of fruits and vegetables can also help in getting rid of diabetes. We can see people around us are addicted to junk foods and many artificial colored soft drinks. These in fact bring zero percent of advantages to your health. It brings a lot serious health related problems. Therefore why to use such food items? instead you should use fruits and vegetables more in number.
Ensure that your diet contains at least 60 percentage of vegetable in it. Especially green vegetables are of high vitamins and minerals in it. You must use green leaves regularly in the diet. This increases the level of calcium and the level antibodies in your system. You can either eat lot of fruits before the lunch or dinner meal so that you need not eat lot of other varieties food as your meal. If you practice regular intake of fruits and vegetables your body system will turn out to be extremely strong and full of essential vitamins which can easily fight against the germs. 
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