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Being Aware of Food Allergies
Date 12/11/2010 05:37  Author rasika  Hits 3591  Language Global
Food allergy is one among the commonly seen problems all across the world. Basically the food allergy stands for body showing allergic reactions against certain food intake. The food may vary from person to person. Some people are allergic to nutshells, some are allergic to cereals, and some guys are allergic to sell fish. Hence there is a wide range of food allergies seen. The symptoms of food allergy is excessive sweating, breathing problem or chocking, skin rashes, skin itching problem, a lot of irritation due to blisters on the skin etc. There are many reasons for the cause of food allergy.

One of the main reasons is hereditary. Most of the people having problem with certain food are normally suffering from food allergy due to their ancestors. If any of your family members are allergic to a particular food item then there are chances that you too have the same problem. The only way to get rid of the problem of food allergy is to keep that specific food away from in taking. Apart from inheriting this problem it is also likely to occur due to your own weak body’s immune system.

Some of the food items causing food allergies are nuts, eggs, fishes, etc. Any part of your body might get  affected immediately after the consumption of the food which causes allergy to you. The allergy might be seen in nose, face, or on your eyes or any other part of the body. This turns your body to red and causes lot of irritation and itching. You must immediately consult your physician and then take the medicine of injections to get rid of the trouble. If you take the food allergy reactions very light then the over reactions will affect you body very badly and might put you in a long time trouble. Hence always consult your doctor immediately in case of food allergy.
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