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Avoiding Foods That are Not Healthy
Date 12/11/2010 05:39  Author rasika  Hits 3648  Language Global

You would get a long never ending list if you start listing out the bad foods to stay away from. Here are some of the very important bad foods to keep away. First and foremost you must avoid breakfast cereals which are processed. This food item contains genetically altered grains. You can get a very less amount of protein and but a lot of refined sugar.  Next we have French fries; this is deeply fried and in fact is made out of potatoes. It absorbs a lot of oil and increases the cholesterol in blood. White bread is another add-on to this list. This is made of refined flour and refined sugar. It is stripped of all the fibers, minerals and vitamins.
Pizza is another add-on to this list. It contains a very high amount of carbohydrates, sodium and fat. This food item is totally free from nutrition as it is heated in a very high temperature. If you are a pizza lover you can make it by adding more vegetables and cheese at minimum level. Next you can find diet pop as the bad food to stay away from.  This food can lead to some serious problems due to increased consumption. It is free from all the essential nutritional value and contains lot of artificial sweeteners. This in turn can increase the sugar level in your body.

Donut is another food item to stay away from. It is fried deep and is made from white bread and has a coat of sugar. Also stay away from low-fat ice cream. Fat is extracted from this ice cream and is genetically modified. So you can either have normal ice cream or do not eat ice cream. Also avoid fruit drink with lot of added sugar in it.
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