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Can all types of cancer and even stage 4 cancer can be cured by radiation?
Date 16/05/2011 08:08  Author Jay Geary  Hits 6308  Language Global
All types of cancer and even stage 4 cancer can be cured by radiation, oxygen Blast your cancer cells with oxygen instead of chemotherapy

When we think of radiation, it always brings a picture of a nuclear bomb or a surgical oncologist radiation cancer cells. Maybe an X-ray technicians, the film behind a lead-lined wall of the head as she lay turn a switch. It is not about this type of radiation. With oxygen radiation in the body to kill cancer cells, is one of the most popular methods to subject quickly cancer naturally. It makes little difference which of the many types of cancer is under way, or even if it all the way to 4 cancer stage, oxygen-radiation can progress quickly reversed. There was only room for three oxygen-radiation methods to mention here, but there are many others, my personal preference, by using the elemental wonder. Is Cancer is anything but oxygen-loving, the same as for all diseases. Create high oxygen content in the blood 'immediate destruction of cancer cells. The following three natural cancer therapies are powerful and can be used simultaneously

Rubidium / cesium / potassium. One of the most important efforts to cure cancer naturally is involved, collect the bodies of total alkalinity level and increases oxygen in the blood. A very effective way known to increase blood alkalinity is several grams per day of rubidium and / or cesium. It is not possible in this short an article to describe all the details of how this works, or how exactly to do it, but only on-line looking for information about Dr. Keith Brewer A or Dr. Nieper and you will be convinced. Both achieved the highest cancer cure rate ever recorded

* Hydrogen peroxide. A popular method of oxygenation of the blood to use food grade hydrogen peroxide. It has been used successfully all over the world as an alternative cancer treatment, particularly in Europe. Mix 50-10 drops in a glass of water and drink it at least twice a day. Start with 3 drops until you know how well it is tolerated. Do not take it at night if you want to sleep, and take it on an empty stomach. Wait one hour before each meal

* Germanium. Is an unusual element in that it has the ability to supply oxygen to increase the blood. A Japanese researcher developed a secure form of germanium oxide and used successfully in the treatment of cancer. It is interesting to note that the water in Lourdes, France has been found to be high in both hydrogen peroxide and germanium. The researcher, Dr. Kazuhiko Asai of the discoverers of germanium oxide, and it's ability to kill cancer. Germanium are found naturally in certain substances and food but one of the most popular forms would be the Gogi berries. Dr. Kazuhiko Asai PhD ill now, devoted much of his career more than thirty years, experimenting with Germanium's effects on various diseases, and one can of its intentions in the book he wrote, read Miracle Cure - Organic Germanium

* These three methods are just a small taste of what is in the field of holistic health, how effective natural cure for cancer. It heals and equal opportunity employment for all in all types of cancer. It is unfortunate that more people are not aware that this number one killer of modern man is 100% curable if the right alternative treatments are used liberally. All cancer types, including serious cases of cancer of stage 4 are regularly made by some holistic methods. Get so busy and take the cure! Do not wait for any MD you write a recipe or send a hospital to get a natural cure for cancer. Keep on doing what they could recommend, if you like, combined with several of your favorite natural cures, no harm. It is your cancer, after all, and natural remedies can addition to producing no side effects, all of which are used simultaneously. Good luck and God bless.
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