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Energy Saving Guidelines
Date 31/07/2008 08:08  Author admin  Hits 1147  Language Global
  • Please keep all unnecessary lights switched off. Switching off 1 Fluorescent fitting with 2 x 4’ tubes for 3 hours a day saves Rs. 5.00.


  • Only switch on the lights necessary for you to work and keep all the others switched off.


  • Do not install inefficient lights (Halogen lamps) in Air Conditioned areas as they generate heat.



  • Switch all lights off if you are away for more than 10 minutes.


  • All Central & Split air conditioners will be regulated at 25 degrees. Raising the temperature by 1º C, a saving of Rs. 16 per day is achieved from an 18,000 BTU Split A/c unit, Rs. 96 from a Central unit.


  • Use split A/c only if Central A/c is unavailable.


  • When using the split A/c unit too, please regulate it at 25ºC.


  • Do not use direct sunlight to light up Air Conditioned areas.


  • Avoid situating heat generating sources such as pantries, etc in Air Conditioned areas.


  • Ensure all windows are fastened to avoid A/c leakage.


  • Switch off A/c units when outside temperature is low. E.g. 25-26º on rainy days.


  • Switch off A/c if you are away for more than 30 minutes from your room.


    • By switching off an 18,000 BTU A/c unit for an hour, a saving of Rs 27 is achieved.


  • Switch off Air Conditioners 20-30 minutes before you leave office.


  • Restrict use of elevators when able.


  • All Desktop computers, printers, photocopiers & scanners to be switched off fully when not in use.


    • Standby mode consumes more energy than in hibernation mode. A saving of Rs 2.50 per hour is achieved by switching off a PC.
    • Configure your computers to hibernation mode after 20 minutes of inactivity.
    • Do not use screen savers.


  • Switch off UPS and mobile phone chargers when leaving office.


  • Arrange for planned and preventive maintenance such as periodic services.
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