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Lankafreezone Forum Rules -Read Before you Start

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Date: 31/03/2009 06:09
Lankafreezone Forum Rules -Read Before you Start
Hi everyone, Welcome to the Lankafreezone.com

We have established some forum rules, in order to keep the forums running well, preventing unnecessary problems.

1. Do NOT post Adult materials.
2. Do NOT post stuff downloaded from other Srilankan sites.
3. Do NOT post links of any other sri lankan forums for advertising purpose.
4. Do NOT add a web link to your Signature. (Personal web pages are allowed.)
5. Do NOT Advertise your websites in the forums, or in your avatar.
6. Do NOT insult other members, respect everybody!
7. Before opening a new thread, please search and see if it exists already.
8. Remember to place your message in the correct forum area.

If you breach any of these rules, we have to take serious action against you and at last, we have to restrict your access to lankafreezone.com

You guys are welcome to ask anything from us and discuss anything that matters...
We are looking for your comments.

thank you.
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