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 Sony unveiled the Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman which has a button that gives instant access to a music player and users can also like, share and discover content through Facebook integration.
25/08/2011 16:09 by rasika

The celebrations will never stop with the Ford Figo. This is a proud moment for us at Ford and the 70,000 proud owners as the Ford Figo has been recognized as the Indian Car of the Year 2011.

To have been chosen is a great honour, as India's premier automobile magazines evaluated the Ford Figo against every car launched in India during the year on price, fuel efficiency, design, comfort, safety, maneuverability, performance, functionality, environmental responsibility and driver satisfaction.
18/05/2011 21:09 by rasika
Sri Lanka's planned $1 billion, 10-year bond will likely yield 6.25 percent, tighter than initially expected, after the country received strong demand for its first global issue in a year, sources said on Monday.

Sri Lanka is the latest emerging sovereign to venture into bond markets as investors' risk appetite has returned.

Yield guidance tightened steadily over the course of the day to a 6.25-6.375 percent range after initial talk in the 6.5 percent area.

"I understand the final price should come in around 6.25 percent, the existing bonds are also doing very well," one fund manager in London said.

A source close to the deal told Reuters that pricing could be subject to change as books are still open in New York.

27/09/2010 19:50 by coolx

eMachines has rolled out one of the zanier small form factor desktops to date, known as the Mini-e Home Entertainment Center. Don’t be surprised by its size – it might be as small and thick as a small book, but it packs quite a punch where home theater PCs are concerned. Featuring a unique glossy black diamond shaped chassis that seemingly “floats” in a matte silver pedestal, it is capable of emitting a soft ambient green glow along the lower edge for that added touch of class whenever it is powered and ready to go. The eMachines Mini-e measures 7.1″ in diameter, tipping the scales at a mere 9 pounds which would make it rather dangerous for you to have a cat or lumbering dog around the home since either one could easily knock over the Mini-e while it is running. More on it in the extended post.
27/06/2010 11:56 by rasika

The BodyBugg (also known as a Body Bug, or Body Bugg) is a weight loss device created by Apex Fitness to help you track calories. It costs $175 through 24 Hour Fitness or Apex. The Body Bug is worn on your arm, and has sensors on it that track the calories you burn throughout the day, both from normal activity and exercise.

23/06/2010 09:04 by rasika

The new Sharp gadgets will show bright and clear three-dimensional images without needing special glasses, which were required (so far) to use this type of technology.

The bad news is that those gadgets only will work with 3.4-inch displays, which should be placed at a distance of 30 centimeters (12 inches) from the user’s eyes.

08/04/2010 07:27 by coolx

Measuring only 4cm x 2cm x 1.5cm and weighing just 40g, the Muvi Atom is claimed as the world’s smallest digital camcorder on the market today. This tiny video camera is able to capture both 640 x 480 video at 30fps in AVI format as well as 2-megapixel digital still images. Not to mention, it also comes with a 2GB microSD card (up to 8GB), a USB port and a rechargeable battery that can last up to 1 hour of recording time. If you’re interested, the Muvi Atom will set you back £79.99 (about $122). 
08/04/2010 07:14 by coolx

You’ve probably heard that a new Google device known as Nexus One is set to hit the market.

Unlike past Android  devices, this one will be sold unlocked and directly by Google, leading many to call it the “Google Phone.”

The launch, as it turns out, might be right around the corner. According to Reuters, the device could be available via a  website as soon as January 5. Sources also confirm earlier reports that consumers will be able to get the device at a discounted price, much like they do with most devices sold in the U.S., by agreeing to a contract with T-Mobile.

14/01/2010 10:53 by admin

Are you tired of your short laptop battery life with only a few hours? Would you like the charge of your mobile phone to last a couple of months? Well, the answer to your “prayers” might be the nuclear batteries, which are been developed at the University of Missouri. They are designed especially for providing a lasting source of energy. And some people think these batteries could replace the current ones, including those used by the electrical cars. According to the creators, a nuclear battery has a very enormous capacity to generate electricity when compared to a regular one.
07/01/2010 05:05 by admin

A new Epson compact photo printer has been launched to the market. It also works as a digital photo frame. The PictureMate Show PM 300 can print out full-color 4×6-inch prints and it has a 7-inch visualization display with a resolution of 800×480 pixels.

24/12/2009 11:01 by admin

The Sunnybag is a convenient bag (or haversack) such as individuals with the purpose of are used to transport a laptop. It is made of leather and is open in black or brown color.

The particularity of this bag is it has a copious 3-watt solar panel with a Li-ion rechargeable battery, which apparently has a lovely efficiency since it can be revitalized even in a unclear day of the week.

24/12/2009 10:51 by admin

The Nokia Company is planning to liberation another mobile phones in 2010 which will toil in the fourth generation nets (4G), as Electronista announces quoting Nokia representatives.

Notebooks and other mobile policy will besides be able to toil in 4G nets. But it is not clarified if the policy would need a special outer modem in place of with the aim of or 4G module will be built in.

17/12/2009 00:02 by admin

Get all the entertainment you've ever craved on the stunning Sony Ericsson Aino mobile phone. Transfer your media files from your PC to your phone and navigate through your entertainment with the swipe of a finger via the intuitive touch screen display. You can even access your videos, music and photos stored on your PlayStation®3 system with Remote Play.
29/11/2009 09:44 by admin

The Ostendo CRVD gaming monitor will take you to the next level of gaming experience. The show features a huge 43-inch curved screen with a resolution of 2880 x 900 pixels. It also adopts the latest LED technology to deliver bright and accurate colors, and a super quick response time of less than .02 milliseconds, so there is no ghosting in videos and animations. Additionally, the CRVD’s ultra-wide 32:10 aspect ratio is 180% wider than 16:9 displays and 240% wider than 4:3 displays. The Ostendo CRVD retails for a hefty $6499. Watch the video after the jump.
26/11/2009 09:19 by admin
At first we considered making sarcastic comments about paying the same for a miniature 7" monitor that you would for a monitor three times the size. Then we took a closer look at the Mimo Mini USB monitor and realized it is powered entirely via USB, no external AC adaptor or video card needed. This miniature display marvel also runs in landscape or portrait mode and also comes in a touchscreen version. Mimo Min
26/11/2009 06:30 by admin
Media Centre for National Security has announced that all Sri Lankan residents should register at www.citizens.lk or via mobile units that would be made available within the next week, as a security measure. Topic
11/01/2009 05:40 by admin
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