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Sunnybag Recharge your gadgets while walking
Date 24/12/2009 10:51  Author admin  Hits 1082  Language Global

The Sunnybag is a convenient bag (or haversack) such as individuals with the purpose of are used to transport a laptop. It is made of leather and is open in black or brown color.

The particularity of this bag is it has a copious 3-watt solar panel with a Li-ion rechargeable battery, which apparently has a lovely efficiency since it can be revitalized even in a unclear day of the week.

The advantage of this bag cannot be underestimated. It can boost our favorite portable gadgets while we are walking. Therefore, we will be able to keep individuals gadgets in a “full-load state” and in a down-to-earth way. Of track, the unsurpassed phenomenon is this bag is absolutely ecological.

The Sunnybag allows users to charge a number of gadgets like small laptops, iPhone mobile campaign, iPods, almost all models of mobile phones and, as you might imagine, all device with the purpose of can be charged through  an USB seaport. We control to declare with the purpose of the add up significance of this bag is approaching 1.4 Kg (approximately 3.1 pounds) plus the built-in battery; and its dimensions are 43 x 32 x 8 cm.

Also, in attendance is a “Business Pro” version of this bag somewhere in attendance is a sufficient amount area to transport laptops with up to 15.4″ screens.


The creator of this terrific invention is Stefan Ponsold, project leader of R&D next to Ponsold (an Austrian upholsterer company). He has not discarded the option of producing massively this type of bags in the coming. Anyway, next to this period, it is workable to acquisition the Sunnybag through Internet, even if you are not in Europe, since the company offers international shipping. You can persuade this rage “geek” co-conspirator in support of 165.83 Euros (approximately USD$ 249)
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