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Revolutionary gadge Body Bug
Date 23/06/2010 09:04  Author rasika  Hits 1722  Language Global

The BodyBugg (also known as a Body Bug, or Body Bugg) is a weight loss device created by Apex Fitness to help you track calories. It costs $175 through 24 Hour Fitness or Apex. The Body Bug is worn on your arm, and has sensors on it that track the calories you burn throughout the day, both from normal activity and exercise.

The Bodybugg is a revolutionary gadget that knows how many calories you are burning during your workout or everyday activities to help you lose weight. You can track your progress online with a web-based program. There is also an iPhone app for the bodybugg now! To some this may become more of a fun activity or what we call a “body bug”.

In reference to “body bug”, the bodybugg is kind of like planting an idea (or bug) in someone’s head and letting them run free with it and see how it works for them. It is very fun to keep track of your stats and see progress in the form of a website to see how much weight you’ve lost.

The bodybugg uses a patented process to measure the calories that you burn. The process is based on 5 criteria. Motion : The bodybugg contains a accelerometer that monitors motion from many perspectives. Steps: The accelerometer counts steps by measuring the pattern of running or walking. Skin response: Your sweat makes your skin moist and becomes more electrically conductive. This helps the bodybugg determine how active you are. Skin Temperature: There is a thermometer inside the bodybugg that monitors your temperature. Heatflux: Your muscles produce heat when they move. The bodybugg measures that heat and calculates calories burned.

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